What makes Google Workplace useful for business?

Google announced a suite of innovative and cloud-hosted tools popularly known as Google Workspace in October 2020. It has been widely used by schools, businesses and hospitals to enhance the productivity and capability to collaborate and create. It offers access to a plethora of apps that are helpful in increasing productivity. Some of the top apps and features of Google Workspace includes Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Drive, Cloud Search, Google Calendar and Google Hangouts. Hordanso provides amazing customer support and quality solutions related to Google Workspace.

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Let’s have a look at some of its advantages for the businesses:

·         24/7 Accessibility: Google Workspace is a cloud hosted platform that provides flexibility to open and use the files on any device and at any location. Creation and sharing of the documents among employees can be done in real time.

·         Safe Platform: Google follows all the protocols that are meant for security purposes. 2-step verification is a way to confirm whether the sign in from an unknown device is done by the authentic user or not. The content available on Google’s server is available in encrypted form to other companies. Apart from this, biometrics and AI detection are some of the top-notch methods that are employed to make Google Workspace safe.

·         Limitless Data: There is no limit of data usage on files, apps, photos, emails and documents.

·         Control over Activity: The managers and admin of the company can keep an eye on various activities done by the employees. They also have the power to put restrictions on accounts, apps and devices.

·         Affordability:  You don’t have to maintain different servers and hardware, because Google Workspace takes care of everything. The collaboration tools make it easier for the people to get access to files without spending money on traveling.

·         Third-Party Integration: Various external programs can be integrated well on this platform such as template management platform.

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