Classified as a public cloud-based machine whose services are delivered to customers on an as-you-go basis, it is essentially a collection of Google’s computing resources, made available through service components devoted to the general public as a public cloud offering. It offers application development and integration services, with google compute engine, google cloud storage and Google Container Engine as core cloud computing products in the platform.Hordanso is an authorized Google cloud partner/reseller in India having the potential to collaborate with you, with a single goal of taking your growth to the next level. We help companies maintain a technological advantage over their competitors by providing excellent services and benefits of the ‘google world’ to make people better at what they do.

Featured Products

From networking products to firebase and associated services, GCP offers over 50 of its innovative services that are structured to be used independently or in combination for developers and IT professionals to construct their own, custom cloud-based infrastructure.

Some of their A-listed products include:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Security key enforcement
  • Cloud Run (beta)
  • Vision AI
  • Cloud SQL

Hordanso has the expertise and technical experience to harness the power of Google apps and bring to you all its advantages in a simple, cost-effective & fast manner. We believe in building great solutions that require the right tools to support its growth. Hence, looking for advanced techniques beating the test of time with their innovative approaches? Look no further and contact Hordanso to make us your reliable partner offering growth through Google Cloud Platform.

What Makes GCP So Special?

  • Connects And Extends Services - Utilizes cloud services as building blocks by connecting and extending them with code.
  • Runs Code In Response To Events - Codes can be triggered from Google Cloud Platform & Google Assistant or can be called directly from any backend application.
  • No Server Management - Cloud Functions abstract away all the underlying infrastructure to maintain focus on code while building applications faster than ever before.
  • Pay Only While Your Code Runs - Payment is required only while your function is executing, metered to the nearest 100 milliseconds.
  • Scales Automatically - Cloud Functions automatically manages and scales underlying infrastructure with the size of workload.
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