Responsive Design is playing a pivotal role in business

responsive web design

Mostly websites are designed keeping laptops & desktop computers in mind, but the growing usage of mobile has led a drastic change in the way of website designing. While viewing on mobile device, many part of sites aren’t pretty visible or may not compatible with high resolutions that limits the utility of those sites on mobile platform. Read More

Mobile Marketing Strategy

mobile marketing

Mobile nowadays is an integral part of everyone’s life and a huge number of the population can’t live without their phones. And that’s why people are preferring to spend more time on mobile apps rather than on websites. Users are focusing on that convenient app that’s user friendly and can access from anywhere, and to make this whole process simpler Mobile marketing has been introduced in the market.  Read More

We Understand you Needs

Web Developemnt

In today’s dynamic world, Users’ expectations and technologies are forcing brands to come up with subtle digital experiences that are not only easy to use but engaging and are handy on mobile and laptop devices. To live up to your audience expectation we At Hordanso blend your business objective with our development to create a unique website which advances your online image and delivers you the desired outcome you care about. Using smooth, exquisite and out of the box development concepts, our website is tailor-made to individual needs. Read More


Seo Companies in dallas

Are you able to drive necessary traffic to your business? Or does your website appear on the first page on Search engine ranking? Or do you have a powerful online existence? If not, all you need to find the best SEO company like us who are not only offering you on & off-page SEO but also helps you to generate leads with a High rate of interest and strong quality content. Read More

The Basics of Website Hosting and the Options Available

The Basics of Website Hosting and the Options Available

Website hosting is a type of Internet hosting service, which empowers individuals and organizations to make their own Web page or site open through the Internet. It is given by companies that may rent space on their server and offer Internet networks by means of their data center. Besides, website hosting services may likewise offer Internet availability and center space for other organization’s servers to be put in their server farm. This is referred as colocation. Read More

Our Mobile marketing strategy

What’s the first thing pop-up in your mind if we say you can’t imagine your life without it? Isn’t it MOBILE-PHONE? From sending messages across the countries to waking up with the phone in hands is showing the significant importance of phones in everybody’s life.
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Web, Mobile & Marketing

Hordanso is an veteran organization located in Dallas, Texas, We have years of excellence in internet web and mobile technology. We automate business processes, to allow refocus on client’s need. Our work is diverse starting from mobile apps, marketing & websites, to automation & extreme software engineering. We work on technical issues of today, to improve the digital world tomorrow.
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What Is A Mobile App?

A large chunk of growth in the mobility sector can clearly be attributed to the monumental developments in the mobile app industry. This astonishing growth can be ascribed to the fact that an average human spends more than a couple of hours glued to the latest apps and their features on a daily basis. Using applications is in trend now so developers always try to provide best apps that make our life more comfortable. Along with this, time consumption has been reduced at a great extent with their smart and efficient approach, qualified enough to provide intelligent solutions to its users.
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