G Suite

G Suite

G Suite, that stands for Google’s suite of applications is a kind of software-as-a-service that’s delivered to users through Google’s Cloud. Previously known as Google Apps for Work, it groups all the cloud-based productivity and related tools developed by Google for institutes, businesses and nonprofits.

But like Gmail, it isn’t really part of the Google Cloud Platform. Its account gives you access to Gmail on your preferred domain and a number of other powerful Google applications including Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Hangouts, and Plus.

Where Can It Be Employed?

With some groundbreaking solutions and efficient technique, G Suite is known for making working together a whole lot easier. It’s widely used in different sectors like:

What Services Does It Provide?

How Is It Different From The Free Google Apps?

While most of these products are free for everyone, G Suite seems to include enterprise-level features for its subscribers. Unlike other products, it even comes with mobile device management, letting its users activate/deactivate current services online and control which apps are enabled, or even remote wipe if the employee goes rogue with a company device.

From securing data and devices to sharing files in the cloud or even collaborating in real-time, G suite tends to offer a lot to its users, making their tasks a whole lot easier and efficient. At Hordanso, we realise its importance and role in our customer’s tasks, and hence makes your growth one of our top priority.We are a one-stop destination for all your google apps needs providing quality consultation, guidance, training and also support.

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