Some Remarkable Features of Google Workspace for Businesses

Google Workspace is a complete suite of various communication and collaboration apps that enhances the productivity of the businesses. It helps to improve the connectivity among the employees, create files, access different files and control the data. There are several features of Google Workspace that are beneficial for the organisations:

Google Workspace for Businesses =

      1. Professional email address

Get a professional mail that ends with @company name. It promotes your business and reflects authenticity while communicating with the clients, customers, suppliers, etc.

      1. Variety of apps

Different applications such as Gmail, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Cloud Search, Google Slide, etc. are included in Google Workspace.

      1. Better cloud storage and cloud search

Files in Google Drive, emails in Gmail and several conversations in Hangouts and Chat groups can be accessed from anywhere and anytime from cloud storage. When so many files are shared and created in an organisation, cloud search becomes helpful in finding a particular file easily.

      1. Marketplace

Thousands of apps can be installed from the market place of Google Workspace. Apps like Survey Monkey, Freshbooks and Slack can be integrated easily.

      1. Account management

From admin panel, you can set the permissions for different users. Sharing of files and messages can be checked through flexible account management. Roles can be assigned to different users.

      1. Apps are mobile-friendly

The apps in Google workspace are mobile-friendly and responsive. Apps work well on both Android and iPhone.

      1. Security Dashboard

Security dashboard helps you to determine the spam messages and phishing emails. Attempts made from failed passwords and activities from compromised devices can be monitored from security dashboard. Google leak protection helps in preventing any unwanted sharing of sensitive data and information.

There are some striking benefits of Google Workspace for businesses that cannot be avoided. If you need any support and consultation related to Google Workspace, then you may choose Hordanso.

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