Some Great Features of Cloud Storage for Every Business

Cloud storage is one of efficient ways in which data can be kept secured and accessed easily. Before getting the cloud computing services, you must have a look at some features that can enhance the productivity and operational efficiency of an organisation.

Features of Cloud Storage=

  • Different versions of file

It is an amazing feature, where you can edit any document or sheet without any problem. In case, you want to retrieve or check the previous versions, you can get a list of old versions with highlighted edits made on each file. The files in the cloud storage are sharable and editable by many people at a time. By this feature, you can also know the edits done by different people working on same file.

  • Automatic sync

This feature of cloud storage is simply amazing. Whatever change you make gets reflected in real times. Everything is updated at the same time. This automatic sync feature prevents any data loss. It also enables the users to get back-ups at regular intervals.

  • Security and file encryption

Permissions to view, edit and access the important files can be set to ensure security of data. The data transfers in encrypted form before leaving the server. The cloud storage system allows us to set password for employees at different levels.

  • Tech support

Cloud storage is an essential part of any organisation and any type of hassle in the storage may cause an impact on daily operations. A good cloud storage service comes with reliable tech support that helps on calls, chats and emails.

  • Flexibility in storage capacity

A cloud storage solution provides flexibility in the storage capacity according to the need and size of businesses.

So, these were certain features that reliable cloud storage solution offers. If you are looking for getting cloud storage for your business, then don’t forget to contact Hordanso.

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