Our Mobile marketing strategy

What’s the first thing pop-up in your mind if we say you can’t imagine your life without it? Isn’t it MOBILE-PHONE? From sending messages across the countries to waking up with the phone in hands is showing the significant importance of phones in everybody’s life.

And what’s the harm if we can use cellphones to bring business and for additional Income- Right? And that is exactly what we do. We use Mobile Marketing -an easy and effective way where we market the brand (Product, business or services) to mobile users through SMS, Voice-calls, Mobile web-sites, QR Codes, or Mobile-Ads etc., that will help to grow your business through digital marketing experiences. Hordanso are specialized in dealing with full mobile marketing services under one roof to ensure the audience and the prominent user flow. Our Customer-centric approach is designed in such a smoothest way with high quality services that align the business and clearly define the objective, values, and target audience.

Our Mobile marketing strategy helps with:

  • Mobile App campaign
  • App Store Optimization
  • Performance Marketing

Customers have always been our first preferences, that’s why we choose tailor-made mobile strategy that solves any substantial mobile challenges. Our In-house experts possessing vast years of experience in mobile industry knows exactly:

  • What workout best for mobile strategies
  • How to define and execute mobile activity through every direction.
  • Key component of effective digital marketing
  • Unique and Innovative ideas
  • Customer Allegiance – and the last but not least is
  • Privacy and Security.

Our quality work did not only come from experiences and knowledges but going through different R&D processes, collective efforts and well-structured strategy helps us to make our own dynasty. No matter what it takes, but our competitive spirits continuously striving for better results to provide a stronger understanding of customer data. We are always happy to assist or share our knowledge and wisdom with you, after all you aren’t just a customer but a mate for us.


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