Organic Search VS Paid Search

More than 80% of searches fall into the lap of Google unless you are not the one using traditional search engines. The solution to every query is Google and hence fetch more traffic to the inbound marketers in the form of Paid Search and Organic Search. At Hordanso, we analyze your website and provide a Free SEO Audit to our visitors.

Organic Search VS Paid Search

What is Organic Search?

Search Links that topped the spot and appear on Google page below sponsored ads are known as Organic results and the traffic that comes around, searching the specific link is the Organic Search. Such a search shows the quality of content on your web page. Results are directly related to the kind of keywords you have used because Google is very particular towards its ranking and if your website lands in the first five searches then it means you have abode by all its norms and have quality content.

What is Paid Search?

Any web URL that appears on the top of the search result as an Ad is a Paid Search. In literal terms, it is something you have paid for, to get a chance to appear on the Google page instantly as you search, rather than expecting for your SEO to build up organically.


Most of the websites working safely and traditionally on the Organic Search Model needs the patience to top the ranking. But if using Paid Search, you will get immediate results and higher conversions on landing pages paying off exponential growth. Hordanso works on both the models, depends on what you choose, Organic or Paid. We host cost-effective WordPress sites in Dallas TX for years.

We do not fall under the category of Black Hats hence, we drive and maximize the lead generation legally and wisely.

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