Benefits of Mobile Apps

The number of mobile users has significantly increased over the years. Mobile apps have contributed to improved user experience and increased conversion rates. Businesses should prefer investing on mobile apps due to the following reasons:

  • Customized experience

It is possible to provide customized user experience based on interests, usage, behavior and location of the customers through mobile apps. Apps enable the users to set their preferences and enjoy more relevant content.
Benefits of Mobile Apps=

  • Easy to send notifications

There are two types of notification in mobile apps: Push and in-app notifications. The click rate of these types of notifications is more than the emails. It is also very easy for the businesses to send these notifications.

  • Advantage of mobile device features

Mobiles have various features such as camera, compass, GPS, phone calls etc. Mobile apps can take advantage of such features to improve the user-experience.

  • Flexibility in designing

Only a few features such as back, refresh and address bars are available in websites on mobile. But there are lots of advanced designing features such as swipe, drag, tap and hold can be included in the mobile apps.

  • More usage rate

If we go by the figures, then almost 86% of the users spend their time on mobile. As a business, you can’t ignore the usage rate and time spent on mobile devices. Sale, traffic, interaction and engagement can be increased by developing a nice mobile app.

  • Apps are faster than websites

The framework used by mobile apps facilitates five times faster speed than the java script code that is used by mobile websites. It is much easier to perform actions on mobile websites than mobile apps.

Why to get mobile app services from Hordanso?

Hordanso deals with mobile app development and provides great software and support to the organisations. Right from business apps and everyday mobile apps to industrial sector apps and social apps, you can get complete mobile app solutions from Hordanso. Our experts understand the ever-changing digital scenario and customer internet browsing patterns and implement changes in the mobile apps accordingly.

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